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Is HR Power = Size of the Organization
Published: May-03-2012

When a software product firm mandated us to find a head of HR for them- we jumped on the opportunity because this firm is one of the few success stories in the software product space from India. A company which has had product implementations in more than 50 countries , profitable, cash rich, no-debt; we thought this is going to be easy but that was not to be. Sample some of the conversations we had


I work for brand XYZ lead HR for 5000 folks ( BPO) – why do you think this a good career move for me “ ( angry)

-Mr. ABC- this is a software product firm- you cannot benchmark it on the BPO – both in terms of profitability per person or the quality of talent in terms of pedigree, skills, ...etc . Our client has about 2000 employees which is impressive for a software product firm

Still No- does not appeal to me- I am soon going to get another centre with 1000 folks”


Sample this

the money is good but in terms of a career move – this is a brand that few people know do you think they would give me a 40% jump” – the person in question was already at 50 L


We can ask the client but look at the opportunity

  • Freedom to lead transformational change as they company goes for an push on both revenues as profitability

  • You would be the boss- make/change the team

  • Opportunity to make policy changes, introduce new frameworks, and work on things you want to do but could not in a large organisation because of bureaucracy and low pace of change.

  • And yes we can look at at 25%-30% jump

No it doesn't make sense to me if its lower than 40%”


So how do you measure your career in HR – number of folks you support and that is it. Most HR folks in their Achievement section write- Increased company size from 1x to 1.3x in y time frame. Very few even focus on cost of hiring, how they hired the rare skills and other challenges. And Does brand take precedence over job content- most would prefer brand because of the safety it gives . So the next time we go for a HR conference and the gentleman in case 1 gives a presentation on how to align HR with business using policies made 2 levels above him and for which he had not been asked for any inputs , I think I will enjoy the Q&A!!


  • May-18-2012
    A very interesting read. Another aspect that needs to be considered in the measurement is the economic situation in which you were associated with the company. Tactful decisions and policies in tough times speaks volumes.
    Arijit Chakraborty | May-18-2012 04:24 PM

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