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Published: Dec-31-1969 is a website which enables recruiters to scout for talent which is looking for more options after they have put in their papers in their current organisation. 

The talent available usually has an offer in hand and have 3 months to couple of days ( and in some cases 0 days) before they join their new firm. The premise seems to be the following 

  • Find a  talent acquisition team desperate to acquire a skill within a limited timeframe- and match them with folks who are willing to compromise on an existing offer for more money; or for a better firm or better job conditions or better culture - Nah- money it is!

f you ask me this is a match made in heaven - a recruiting team not good enough hiring someone who is acting like a mercenary. But this might be a simplistic "judgement" and  let me try and be the devils advocate to my own premise

  • The Organisation is more powerful than the individual ; hence mynoticeperiod helps the individual negotiate from a position of strength. 
  • It gives the job seeker more options - which they might not have time to scout for earlier

So does mynoticeperiod help the job seeker get some sort of balance of power - ok I will concede that one; but it does at the expense of professionalism and grace - i.e.-  not keeping your word and more than that - not giving adequate notice that you will be not joining. If we follow the logic- the closer you are to your joining date the  higher will  be the salary you can negotiate with a new organisation. 

But what about the organisations that hire from I am sure they have no problems when a person who has promised them to join within 1 or 3 months says on day 0; thanks but no thanks! Is it a behaviour they accept from their current or prospective employees?

As Bollywood item numbers are justified by the fact that the public demands it ; I am sure the investors in have a similar justification on why the market exists for it. Here is my advice on how to make it even more powerful &  "market friendly"- the following 2 item numbers will help

  • Link the Best Offer salary to a sliding scale range- i.e.- the lesser number of days in which the jobseeker is available- the higher salary
  • Rate the organisation from which they have current offers- so if the organisation is really good- the folks hiring from you can simply chose to ignore the selection process and hire after negotiating the best offer salary

I am curious to know that folks in my network think about it and .........................

p.s. If my 2 suggestions above are incorporated- please send the cheque to AceProHR! 


Omar Farooq

Founder & CEO - AceProHR

Visiting Faculty- MBA HR- University of Delhi



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