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Urgent Requirement- 2 CEO's for Infosys
Published: Jun-05-2014

The Infosys Talent debacle continues, recent reports like this one in ET - suggest it will only get worse. While we pat ourselves on the back for being the first to predict it, we also wanted to be the first to get the solution right !


Get 2 CEO's !! and get them fast . 


And we do not mean the 2 CEO experiment of Wipro- that was a failure from concept to execution. What Infosys needs is someone to manage Business as Usual & growth and another person to work on the cutting edge of innovation.  After pioneering Outsourcing its natural they take leadership in unleashing Indian intellectual capital on new horizons like 

  • Mobile 
  • Analytics
  • Internet of Things 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Robotics ( why not!) 

So get a Nandan Nilekeni or a clone back for the Business as usual  CEO role , but find a Ray Kurzweil  and a Steve Jobs  for the second;  with a cash chest of almost 5 Billion USD and hopefully an intent that exceeds that- they can definitely do it. 

But if they try to combine the 2 together in one person- they will end up  with a two-faced schizophrenic leadership 




Omar Farooq

Founder & CEO AceProHR

Visiting Faculty -  Master of HR& OD - University of Delhi





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