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Information Asymmetry and Decision making in Hiring & Sucession Planning
Published: Feb-01-2016

If you have ever bought a used car- information asymmetry is the difference between what the seller tells you and what you discover 3 months later ;) Too often companies ignore internal candidates because they know too much about them and hire external candidates because they know so little!! .

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Urgently Required- Feminists- vacancies in most Indian Corporates!
Published: Feb-01-2016

Urgently Required- Feminists- vacancies in most Indian Corporates!

Its time for a feminist narrative to change corporate Culture in India . Gender diversity initiatives in most Indian corporates ( whether Indian or MNC's) have been passive, copy  international practices and usually not effective. Throwing policy at our massive cultural inertia is like trying to use a  Maruti 800 to change the course of an on rushing train

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Say it with Grace- Refusing an employment offer doesn't have to be painful
Published: Sep-07-2013

If you have been offered a job- and you decide to go for another one - here is how you refuse it with grace

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Sense & Sensibility-
Published: Dec-31-1969

 The case for and against-

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Angel Di Maria and the sunk cost fallacy in hiring
Published: Mar-26-2015

What do Angel Di Maria and Henrique De Castro have in common- both were bad hiring decisions! - please note I have written hiring decisions not a bad footballer or executive.

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Urgent Requirement- 2 CEO's for Infosys
Published: Jun-05-2014

We called it last year when we predicted Infosys will be hit by a Tsunami of attrition- now here is the solution ! 

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The Interview paradox- why a bad candidate can be better at an Interview than a good one
Published: Jan-27-2014

 The Interview paradox- why a bad candidate can be better at an Interview than a good one- Because he/She has had more practice on Interviews!!

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Aligning Recruitment and Selection to Business Strategy
Published: Sep-05-2013


I am surprised when companies invest big bucks in strategy sessions , create expansive and expensive spreadsheets which lay down their one or two year vision to transformation and then treat recruitment and selection as business as usual . If you really want to transform- resourcing and hiring strategy and tactics need to be hacked

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Leadership Failure at Infosys
Published: Jun-04-2013

Narayan Murthy- 2.0 will fail- because while he was away- the world changed and Infosys did not . It will fail because what got Infosys till  here will not take it to the next level. It will fail because leadership in a battle demands insignias, symbols and flags which provide hope and instead of that he chose to unfurl his family mascot – Just this one action will take the wind out of a lot of young leaders at Infosys. 

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Industries in Peril- a Recruiters perspective on what is wrong with Life Insurance and Statutory Audit
Published: Apr-11-2013

We hire across Industries and the hunt for a- rare skill, change specialist, Industry leader is what gets our adrenaline going, and makes Talent Acquisition such a rewarding profession ; but there are some Industries where the problem is not the talent available, but the Industry itself and how it treats its people- here is our assessment of two of Industries facing an acute HR Crisis

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Transforming the HR Discipline- Using Howard Gardner's 5 Minds of the future framework
Published: Mar-27-2013


Dr. Howard Gardner is professor of cognition at the Harvard graduate school of Education and recognised as the father of the theory of Multiple Intelligences. In his book Five Minds for the Future he outlines the specific cognitive abilities that will be sought and cultivated by leaders in the years ahead. I have tried to use the 5 Minds of the Future as a framework for HR professional development.

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Future Proof Your HR Career with these 5 Competencies
Published: Jan-08-2013

While HR Professionals have been sparring with internal and external sceptics the new context, technology and measurement tools can push the function into an existential crisis unless it learns to adapt and the HR Professionals invest in their learning. We present 5 competencies essential for HR professionals to navigate the future


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The Science of taking Interviews- 10 Rules for better hiring
Published: Nov-25-2012

Interviews are still the best tool available for assessment, they are still the most frequently used tool for hiring and would continue to be -till we discover artificial intelligence or brain mapping becomes so advanced that people send CT scans for selection rather than waste time to visit you !!! Here are 10 rules to make more scientific decisions while Interviewing 

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What NOT to write in your resume
Published: Sep-13-2012

While there are thousands of do's and don'ts on resume writing- here are some which really irritate me

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The Line and Support Dinosaur
Published: Apr-02-2012


If you are still thinking Line and Support- you are in the organisational - Jurassic age 

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The Future of Hiring
Published: Jun-05-2012

Hiring is about to be changed forever- this is how I think hiring will happen in 2020/ maybe sooner 

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Is HR Power = Size of the Organization
Published: May-03-2012

 Does size of the organisation that HR Supports= HR Influence= HR career prospects= HR Impact= HR complexity??

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